Red ink

M: – Are you?

F: – Who?

M: – Online.

F: – The green light blinks.

M: – One question.

F: – Oui.

M: -What?

F: – What??

M: – Do you love me?

F: – Eternal.

M: – Really?

F: – Really eternal.

M: – How?

F: – Deep.

M: – How come?

F: – You make me. Come.

M: – You scare me.


F: – I’ve heard it before.

M: – From?

F: – Many roads before you.

M: – And?

F: – They were boys.

[Pause] Silence.

F: – Now…a boy after ten years…will you grow up?

M: – Sometimes.

F: – I’m fine with sometimes.

M: – And now what?

F: – Now is eternal. What?

M: – What about seeing?

F: – Seeing is believing.

M: – I believe I’ll see you.

F: –                   I


             SEE                       you.

M: – When?

F: – Every second in my breath.

M: – The same mid, the same bridge?

F: – Always.


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